Friday, January 1, 2010

Budget Basics, Builders, Busters

Budget Basics, Builders and Busters

Do you need help understanding the basics of a budget, how to build a budget and what items on your budget can bust it? Let me help. Together we can build a monthly budget based upon your monthly take home pay and find ways to eliminate unnecessary spending to free up excess money to pay off debt and build wealth. Confidential. Reasonable rates. A Graduate of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Class (FPU). Call Jackie at 651-528-8756.


Anonymous said...

I went through Financial Peace University also, but I have not got that gazelle intensity yet. I hope many people take advantage of the knowledge that you gain in this class. How much are you charging to coach others on making a budget. I may have some referral that come up from time to time.

David Nunn (support@pathwaysrealestate.com)

Jackie Walters said...

Hi David,

I'm am charging $20.00 an hour and approximate a total of 5 hours maximum for each client. The total hours for each client will vary. Please let me know if I can assist you in getting "gazelle" intense. Jackie