Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home Sellers & Buyers

Don't wait out the recovery.

Yes sellers, housing has been repriced. And by the looks of things, it will take years -- even a decade or more -- for values to return to their highs of two years ago. That potential loss you're fretting over may only be on paper, especially if you've been in the house awhile. Example: Take a move-in-ready house that appraises for $250,000. Because there's competing inventory, your agent advises you to take 10 percent off the price. Now you'll be selling for $225,000. "Ouch," you might say. But consider that you only paid $175,000 for the place in 2000. So how is a $50,000 profit, a loss? What's more, if you're planning to move up in the same or a similar market, you will likely realize that same 10 percent discount on your move-up purchase.

Think long term.

Buyers, don't settle for "good enough." Just because you're getting a bargain doesn't mean you're getting a home that suits your long-term needs. Think functionality, neighborhood, location, access to services, highway access, work routes, schools, relatives and mass transit, and not price only. Do your homework, keep a cool head and carefully examine all the options. If you can spare the time, give yourself an extra month or two to make a decision. A house is a habitat first, an investment second.


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