Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Budget Counselor for Church Members

There is nothing like seeing the burden of debt be lifted off of people. My gifts and passion for personal financing have lead me to serve as a budget counselor for my church. It makes me feel so good to help people that are reaching out for help. To encourage someone and to offer some solid advice knowing that it will help them gives me a sense of purpose.

A few months ago my church (Eagle Brook Church www.eaglebrookchurch.com) started a new program to help our attendees who are struggling with debt. The leadership was getting requests for help and did not have a network of volunteers to help in this area. They started a training program based off Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. When I heard about it I volunteered right away. Our church takes counseling pretty seriously so I had to be interviewed, approved and trained. Being a huge fan of Dave for years, gave me a great head start and a reason to go through Dave’s formal training. Now I am a graduate of Financial Peace University!

Last month I started counseling people face to face. I have counseled family and friends in the past, but this was special because we have a structured program (I like structure, just ask my husband). I am happy to report my first counselee is on her way to financial peace. Soon I’ll be meeting with another family that really needs help. I ask for your prayers for my counselees and I as this program gets off the ground.

God’s Peace!

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